Birch Box Bonanza!

So I’m having the best couple of Birch box months! Lets get straight down to it! I love receiving this little box of products, the past few months have been a bit rubbish in all honesty & I was considering cancelling my subscription.. Until last month I got a gorgeous little pot of joy in the form of Benefits – It’s Potent eye cream! Literally love that stuff! Check out my little review here! And then Friday I was also pleasantly surprised with yet more gorgeous products in my April box! And how cute is the box this month? Too pretty!  

 First of all I laid my magpie like eyes on:

Benefits Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer! Now I am not a massive Benefit fan but oh my gosh this stuff is amazing! My friend is obsessed with the Hoola range and now I know why it’s literally stunning! I used this almost like a contour bronzer I used my fingers to apply it across my forehead, cheeks & nose! The appearance of this is really subtle and natural! Lovely stuff! I think this would look great on holiday as the consistency is SO smooth and glowy, so I’m definitely going to save this for my holiday in June!  

 Cynthia Rowley pencil eyeliner this little pencil caught my eye next, I’m not really a fan of pencil eyeliner but I’m a sucker for loving a product that feels technically free & especially when it’s something I would never ever purchase on a product spree! This eyeliner is pretty awesome, the consistency is velvety smooth & if you want a smudged effect you have to smudge it within 30secs as the liner sets and is pretty tough to then remove! I tried it on the back of my hand on Friday and it still won’t come off, I’m impressed at the longevity of the eyeliner wear but also concerned I wouldn’t be able to get it off my eyes without really scrubbing it!  

 Balance Me – Tinted Wonder Eye Cream now if you read my Benefits It’s potent blog last week you’ll know I’m fairly new to the whole under eye cream game BUT boy am I a huge fan now! Like what have I been doing?! I honestly can’t imagine not using an eye cream now! So receiving another eye cream was pretty fricking awesome, especially one that also has a hint of tint covering up pesky under eye circles! This has gorgeous reflective particles in it which make my dark circles look a lot less visible! Love it! Plus it also states you can use it as an eyeshadow primer! Ohh multi-tasking product I like it!

PARLOR leave in conditioner I  really do abuse my tresses when styling so I am all about protecting my locks! I love having long hair and try my best to ensure I keep it in tip top condition with all the products I use! This little bad boy was a welcome addition to my hair collection! I do think it works really well as a leave in conditioner but I think the fragrance is pretty odd, I’m not overly impressed with the packaging or smell! However I do like how silky it makes my hair feel! 

Kueshi foot care cream Now I think this smells great and works really well! I haven’t actually used it myself as I have a pretty damaged left ankle/foot and I have crazy scar hyper-sensitivity and cannot bare any unnecessary  touchy-feely business therefore my boyfriend is definitely benefitting from this lovely product! It is scent-sational!!
Overall SO happy with my box this month & will definitely re-purchase the  Balance Me – Wonder eye cream & the Benefit – Dew the Hoola liquid bronzer! Thanks Birch box I’m pretty darn chuffed with these welcome additions to my collection!

If you would like to sign up to Birch Box & receive £5 worth of points to spend in their store join now! Follow this link!

Are you signed up to a Beauty Box? Have you tried any of these products?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


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