Benefitting from Birch Box!

So I’ve been on & off subscribing to beauty boxes for a few years. One of which is Birch box! I initially love the little gift to myself that appears every month (it is definitely the right kind of monthly) but recently I have been quite disappointed with my products! Well until this little bad boy was unvieled that is, I’m talking about Benefits It’s Potent eye cream! It is no word of a life the loveliest little eye cream I have ever used! I am not generally a fan of Benefit but as it came in my box I thought I had better try it!  

 It has been developed to help lighten under eye circles & help to reduce fine lines and wrinkles! I always think products like this a a bunch of hoohah and tend to avoid giving into the hype! So I’ve been using the cream for around 10 days now, I apply it every evening before bed using my ring finger and gently dotting it onto my eye bags! I have noticed that the skin under my eyes does actually look brighter I wouldn’t say my dark circles look lighter but the skin under my eyes has definitely improved, I think due to the hydrating element of the eyecream the delicate skin has a plumper look! Also applying make up is soooo much easier as it just glides over my under eye skin and doesn’t collect into my little lines that I am now forming being on the wrong side of 25! Haha!  

Overall I absolutely LOOOVE this eye cream and although I have heard mixed reviews regarding this brand and this cream I would 100% repurchase this product! I am just currently seeing who isstocking  it for the best price! Currently Feel Unique have a 15% discount on by using the code WBBBT4 so you can get a little bit extra off the fairly pricey eye cream! 

Have you tried Benefits It’s Potent eye cream? What are your favourite anti-wrinkle potions? 

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


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