Helloooo beautiful people! I’m having THE best week! My beautiful cousin got married at the weekend, the wedding was fandabulous… Here are a few snaps…

 and I also got to visit an awesome shopping centre and treated myself to lots of goodies & oh my gosh I have actually seen the sun!!!! Yay, which in England is a bloody rare thing at the moment!  

 So anyway I’m writing today about Bananas! They are an awesome yellow fruit that taste pretty damn awesome! But you knew that right? Anyhoo I love banana flavour anything…really anything yum! Even slim fast which I am currently trying right now to try and aid my holiday weight loss… Which is not going well guys!?! Where is my restraint?? help me!! IM OBSESSED WITH FOOD!!   

 So Kim Kardashian one of my guilty obsessions! This family just make me giggle they’re nuts! So she swears by banana setting powder ‘Ben Nye powder to be specific’ & whilst searching the NYX beauty range I came across their own version of Banana powder! I obviously had to try it and two days later it turned up! So if you have read my blog previously you’ll know I suffer from redness and boy does this help! I literally have to dust a minimal amount across my T-zone to give my make up a flawless base, its that good I think it would even aid Donald Trumps red face!  


 I’ve been using this NYX banana powder for about 2weeks and I love it! I’ve used it for easing redness and also application after a long day! It instantly refreshes my make up look in an instant I will 100% buy this again & again!   

I purchased my NYX HD Banana setting powder from Boots for only Β£8, they also sell a ‘Mint’ shade & a ‘Translucent’ shade if you don’t fancy the Banana colour! 

Honestly guys I definitely recommend buying this as a cheaper alternative to Kim K’s favourite banana powder!  

    P.s how amazing is this Giant Lego Kurt Gieger heel from the shopping centre in Swindon!! Soooo lush! 
Have you tried any of these Banana powders? What do you think?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


9 thoughts on “Banana-Rama!

      1. Hahaha I knooow! I’ve been trying to lay off junkfood, which is not a huuge problem. The problem is me cooking at home and also buying tons of desserts. It’s sooo hard!
        I plan on getting the Nyx one soon. I’m going to have to order it online, though. Nyx isn’t sold in any stores here. 😦

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      2. Same I have to get all my NYX stuff online! It’s so good I don’t understand why more places don’t stock it! Good luck with eating healthy! I definitely need all the luck I can get πŸ˜‚ xx

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      3. I think it’s because they’re relatively new to the market? They’ve started opening up their own stores in different parts of the states. And I think they have one in Spain as well! So, let’s hope they open a store somewhere near us!
        Hahah, thanks! I need it too.. Good luck to you too!! πŸ™‚

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  1. My sisters would just love to see that lego shoe! They are totally lego obsessed. πŸ™‚ I tried to get that Nyx HD powder in banana, but they were sold out and so I had to get it in white. I would love to try banana next time!
    I saw you were one of my blog followers (which I appreciate SO MUCH) and I just wanted to let you know I moved to a new blog place: And it would mean so much to me if you followed me there!

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