Ombre Schmackers!

So I was bored at the weekend whilst my partner got called on a plumbing job! Borinnng! So I had already walked my doggies & cleaned the house, which meant I had oodles of time to read Vogue, browse through my favourite blogs, curl my hair and of course…play with my make up! Yay!  

 I decided to try an ombré lip with the products I already own! Unfortunately I couldn’t do the whole matte ombré look as I only currently own one matte liquid lipstick boo! But I am currently awaiting my Kylie Cosmetics lip kit arrival (screams, finally managed to actually purchase one!) & a couple of NYX matte lip creams! Exciting times!! Cannot wait for my deliveries!  

 So anyway… Step 1. I used my NYX lip liner in shade Sugar grass, which is a nudey brown tone to line the edges of my lips and darken the outer corners for the whole ombré thing to work! 

Step 2. Then I used my Gerard Cosmetics lipgloss in Candy kiss to highlight my Cupids bow and lower lip, I fricken love using this shade it’s the perfect baby nudey pink and literally adds a touch of glamour to any lip shade! Looks great alone and mixed with pretty much any lip colour! Loooove it! 

Step 3. I used my NYX high voltage lip stick in Stone which is a 90’s looking shade in the words of Shaaanxo I would describe it as Greige! So I used this in the outer corners of my lips. I love this lipstick and wear it a lot! It doesn’t last ages but it’s so creamy & only costs £5.50!!!

Step 4. I then gently blended it all together with my lip brush to create my nude looking ombré lip!  The link is to a seventeen lip brush which is super cheap but not the actual one I used! 

 It was SO easy to do and a pretty natural looking look, it gives my thin lips a look of more volume and as it isn’t a matte look they don’t dry out as easily! I think it’s a nice subtle change from my normal one colour lip look and something I will do again now I have played around with these products together! 

I also had time to play with the new snapchat filter and get to be one of my idols for 30seconds! Haha!  

 Have you tried the ombré lip look? What do you think of this nudey tone?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


8 thoughts on “Ombre Schmackers!

  1. Great tips! Looks so clean and polished. I am just getting into NYX products and am definitely going to go and try their lip colors soon. I’ve seen so many good reviews and since I love their eyeliner, I’m pretty much sold! Love this will def follow! xoxo – Kat
    🙂 Feel free to check out my pg:

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