Don’t Pink of it!!

Sooo whilst out shopping with my sister I was introduced to a gorgeous new product! My sister really bigged this product up and even compared it to Kylie Jenners new lip line!  Obviously I was intrigued from the get go, ‘new’ & ‘product’ instantly pricked my ears and got my attention! My sister really knows how to speak my beauty language! 

 So I’m talking about Boujouis new liquid lipstick the lipgloss that mattifies into a lipstick, the colour range is stunning but certainly not for the faint hearted, they are BOLD! Now my sister is brunette and can carry off the most stunning bright colours on her lips where as I feel I suit more of a nude understated lip look! So unlike my sister I opted for maybe the least bold colour the collection has to offer which is a nude/pinky shade in ‘Don’t pink of it’ 

Now this liquid lipstick is my favourite in a long time! It’s so wearable and can be built up to quite a bold pink colour! Now it claims to last 24hours which for me it totally didn’t it barely lasted 1hour! But still I do love this shade and product it’s so moisturising and pretty!  

 I picked mine up in my local Boots drugstore and decided to only purchase 1 as I hadn’t tried it before and did not want to invest in a product I wasn’t sure of! But they currently have 3 for 2 on offer and boy do I wish I had bought 3!! Silly sausage!  

 The packaging is so cute it looks a lot more expensive than it is and it’s SO small it would be great for slipping into a tiny clutch on an evening out!

What do you think of this shade? Have you tried any of these mattifying lip glosses?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


26 thoughts on “Don’t Pink of it!!

      1. Oh my god its beautiful, they have a stunning highlighter palette which looks incredible! You will. Ah it wasnt even the shades i didnt like, it was the texture, it felt so wet and sticky to me!!? Yours does look so nice though! will you buy more? Xxx

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      2. Ohh I’ll look into it! 👌🏼👌🏼 oh really I haven’t tried any of the other shades yet but this one isn’t wet or sticky at all, it dries really fast so maybe some of the other shades are a bit rubbish? I’d definitely buy more! Xxxx


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