Bargain Buys!

So I came across an absolute bargain last week! I was browsing my local superdrug for a cheap mascara to tide me over! (My current mascara has totally dried up and in need of meeting my bin!) 

So I was having a good nose! There are some great bargains in Superdrug lately and I was loving rummaging for a new mascara! 

So Maybelline have a two for £10 offer on some of their cosmetics and I’ve been in the market for a more concealing concealer since my sleep pattern has taken a hit and my under eye bags are starting to darken! Not a good look!! 

 So I purchased the Maybelline Go Rio Mascara Colossal 100% Black Wrap 

 The lush collagen-enriched plumping formula of Colossal 100% black will load lashes for extra carnival va va voom. It’s true to its word, I have not experienced any clumps! Loving it so far although my lashes are fairly long & volumious so I’m not too fussy personally when it comes to mascara! But definitely a good buy for a fiver! 

I also purchased the Maybelline age rewind concealer in Nude it’s such a lovely concealer! It glides on so easily and conceals my horrible dark circles so nicely! It comes in two colours, Nude & Light! I chose Nude as its slightly darker in shade and matches my skin tone quite well! I’m glad I did as I think I will be able to use it even when I have a tan! 

 It is quite a thick consistency so if you do prefer a light natural looking make up look it is a little heavy! It is also enriched with Goji berry to help nourish the gentle under eye area! It usually retails at £7.99 so if you do want to try this now is definitely the time with the 2 for £10 offer! 

 Overall I would definitely repurchase both of these products, I’m really happy with my drugstore bargains! 
Have you tried either of these products?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


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