Palmers balms

So today I’m talking about these gorgeous products from Palmers! I was talking to my hairdresser about my fake tan dramas recently (I’ve been been experimenting with different types and I’ve had some terrible tan-cidents) anyway she was explaining to me how everyone is loving the Palmers gradual tan moisturiser & how natural it looks! So obviously I had to try it for myself!  So I’ve used it for two nights now and it’s already built up a really nice glow! It’s very natural looking but like I’ve said before its so hard for me to take before & after photos due to me using tan like all the time! The consistency is like the normal moisturiser and it smells lovely at first but after a while you do get that fake tan kind of smell so I’d definitely recommend a shower once it’s had time to take! 

So  I always apply this like any tan around 7/8pm to allow myself a good few hours drying time then I sleep with it on giving it time to thoroughly develop! Then of course I always shower the next day, I hate the smell tan has but not as much as my boyfriend ha!  I love this stuff though and it’s definitely replaced my garner tanning moisturiser! It’s nice smelling, better packaging and generally a nicer product! Love it!  

So I also purchased the palmers coconut oil hand moisturiser, (anything with coconut oil in and I’m pretty much sold) So as I’m a Dental Nurse I have to wash my hands like a gazillion times a day which really drys them out! Not a good look for a lady in her 20’s so I’ve used probably every different type of hand moisturiser possible but this is so far my favourite! It smells scent-sational and is oh so moisturising it really is a beautiful product and I’m SO glad they made this! Some moisturisers sting my sore hands but not this! I just love it! Highly recommend this to anyone who also suffers with ‘occupational’ dry hands!

Have you tried this gradual tan? Or do you suffer from dry hands like myself? 

Lots of love, 

Rhi xoxo


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