Introducing Me…



Howdy, my name is Rhiannon Dunkley, but you can call me Rhi (pronounced Ree) I’m a Dental nurse by day and day-dreaming jet setter by night, This is my first personal blog, I write for work – the dental blog & the patient newsletter. I love it.

I was inspired to start my own blog as I had oodles of time off work, after a car accident caused me to have heaps of operations and I watched a TON of youtube hair tutorials & after a couple of horrendous attempts some looked lush & I got complimented AlOT, even by randomers in the street…

which was pretty awesome, I love fashion, hair, make-up, animals,writing, design, cooking etc etc… which has all led me to start this… a blog!! About stuff that I think are great and have made me smile so if you like what you have read so far please subscribe to my blog & I aim to make you smile with something new at least once a week.

love always,

Rhi xoxo

P.S You might come across my two beagles from time to time, they are called Mylo & Otto and I love them to bits!



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