Splurging on CHOCOLATE!

Aloha beautiful ladies & gents! So I awhile ago I purchased the gorgeous Too Faced -Chocolate bar palette! I’m not going to lie I felt instantly guilty when I hit the purchase button online and I had willingly bought a ยฃ40 eyeshadow palette I mean that’s nearly a days wages on EYESHADOW!? Am I nuts, quite possibly!  

 It didn’t take me long to get over the guilt of spending so much money on one purchase & by the time the palette arrived all feelings of remorse where instantly erased!  Ello Ello gorgeous palette!

 The packaging it what first catches your eye, it’s absolutely pristine! So attractive and chocolate bar looking! I’m a Yo-Yo dieter so I love that even when I’m estranged from chocolate whilst dieting I can still kind of get my fix from this gorgeous palette! The second thing that pricks your senses is the smell! Oh my gosh now if you didn’t already know…they actually use real cocoa beans in the making of these colours and boy do they smell yummy! Literally Homer Simpson drooling right now!

 The shades vary from matte to shimmer and have everything from a light nude to a deep brown & purple! It literally can take you from day to night, week to week! The possibilities are endless with this palette! 

 I have swatched a few of my favourite shades on my arm! My youngest beagle Otto was literally all over me when I was trying to take this photo of the swatches! He obviously loves the smell of the chocolate just as much as me! 

My favourites are Champagne Truffle & Gilded Ganache! I absolutely love Champagne Truffle as a base & in the inner corner of my eye then I use Gilded Ganache (which is a muddy looking khaki colour! It suits my boring green eyes) in the outer corner blended slightly into the midline of my upper lid! Such a wearable daytime look!

I think overall this palette was a scary but brilliant buy! I can literally use this everyday and although expensive it will last me donkeys years!

Have you guys tried any of the Too Faced products? What eyeshadow palettes are you loving at the moment? 

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


16 thoughts on “Splurging on CHOCOLATE!

  1. Great post! I own most of the Naked palettes but I’ve never tried any of the Too Faced ones. I’m currently thinking about getting either the Chocolate bar or the Semi-sweet Chocolate bar…they both look so pretty ๐Ÿ™‚

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