The Beauty Blog Tag

So I have been nominated for the Beauty Blogger Tag, thank you to Delight & Inspire for the nomination! I look forward to answering your questions!21020255-beauty-products-word-cloud

The Rules for this Tag:

Tag the blogger that nominated you
Answer the questions you were given
Nominate 10ish bloggers whose blog is about beauty/lifestyle/fashion
Name 10 questions for your nominees to answer
Inform the bloggers you chose that you nominated them.

Do you prefer matte or dewy foundation? I prefer Dewy, I love the made up no make up look! I’m currently obsessing over NYX‘s setting spray in Dewy which helps to make my make up stay put for longer and gives a softer dewy look to my make up!
What’s your favourite high end product? I think my favourite splurge high end product would have to be the Marilyn Star Powder highlighting powder! I think it will last me forever though so I don’t feel so bad 🙂
What’s your favourite drugstore bargain? It has to be my mascara, Rimmel London Wake me up! It’s sooo good for a cheap drugstore mascara, separates my lashes so well and to top it off it smells delicious!
Do you spend more time doing your hair or your makeup? This is a toughie!! I think my make up probably takes longer than my hair if I’m honest!
Do you co-ordinate your shoes/purses? Yes, yes, yes & sometimes I add in a co-ordinated scarf/pashmina! I think outfits look SO cute when they co-ordinate!
If you could only use one brand of makeup for the next month, which would you choose? It would have to be BareMinerals, I love the majority of their stuff and it doesn’t irritate my skin which is a massive bonus!
What’s your skincare routine? Its pretty boring really, I wash with Simple face wash, I exfoliate with Vasanti face scrub, I scrub my lips with Lush – bubblegum scrub, I tone with Lush – Tea Tree Water, I moisturise with Simple moisturiser and I use Benefit eye cream at nigh time!
Would you ever/have you done the no-poo shampoo method? If you’ve already done it, what were your results? Nope I have not
What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve found about blogging? How fun it is, I genuinely started it to pass the time but I’ve fallen in love with writing again and I get to talk to like-minded beauty bloggers like myself every day!
Name your go-to lip balm? Nivea Pearly Shine lip balm, its cheap, its pretty much in every drugstore or supermarket, it moisturisers my lips but also gives them a lovely light pink sheen! Love this stuff!

So here are my nominations for the Beauty Blogger Tag:

I now nominate these gorgeous ladies with their lovely blogs: Rachael, Olya, Lilja, An Dang, Emmy, Bella,  Happy Bunny Beauty & Seldane.

Here are my questions ladies:

  1. What’s the most unexpected thing you’ve found about blogging?
  2. What is currently your favourite beauty product?
  3. What would you say is your biggest beauty faux pais?
  4. What is your guilty pleasure TV programme?
  5. If you could live anywhere in the world where would it be?
  6. What is your job & do you enjoy it?
  7. Where do you see yourself in 5years time?
  8. What is your favourite splurge item?
  9. If you had to wear drug store make-up for a week what brand would you commit to?
  10. If you had to host a celebrity dinner for three guests who would they be? And why!

So good luck with your Beauty Tag Blogs ladies, I look forward to reading them!

Lot’s of love,

Rhi xoxo


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