In the NUDE!!

In the nude… I’m not talking about a lack of clothing I’m talking about eyeshadow! Nude shades are my favourite type of eyeshadow because I love to wear winged eyeliner which already gives a dramatic effect therefore I feel like too much eye colour can detract from the whole eyeliner look but that’s just my personal opinion! 

  So I have been using W7’s eyeshadow for a long time now but have always wanted the real deal.. Urban Decay! Now Urban Decay is pricey and I know eyeshadow lasts for ages but seriously 40 odd quid seems like an investment I would rather not make! 

Anyway I did finally make the investment last month and my gorgeous palette arrived, I felt like a kid at Christmas opening the parcel & felt I was bound to drop it and ruin my purchase with all of my excitement!  
 I really wanted to see what all the hype was about with this eyeshadow and after trying it now myself I honestly do not think it’s worth the money! The shades in my W7 palette are almost an absolute dupe for the Urban Decay naked 3! I’m kind of annoyed I gave into the hype as the palettes are SO similar I find the biggest difference other than the packaging is that there are less matte shades in the W7 palette as opposed to the Urban Decay palette but otherwise they are almost the same thing! Take a look at these swatches, these are some of my favourite shades in both palettes and are in all honesty nearly the same! 

So my advice after trying both of the palettes is to invest in a good eyeshadow primer and purchase the W7 palette which is a fraction of the price compared to Urban Decay

Have you tried any of the w7 products? What did you think?

Lots of love, 

Rhi xoxo


34 thoughts on “In the NUDE!!

  1. Great comparison and review. I got a W7 foundation and it’s amazing. I’ve been eyeing those W7 palettes – they’re so inexpensive but I wasn’t sure about the quality. I’ve heard they’re decent but seeing them side by side to the UD – wow!

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  2. I have Naked original and Naked 2, and was gifted Naked 3 Palette for Christmas and although I wanted to LOVE IT the colors were too pink for my complexion and ended up selling it! – so I was equally disappointed lol I’ve never tried W7! I’ll have to check their shadows out!

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