I’m a Skinny Tan Fan! (kinda)

Heeey my fellow sun worshipping tan loving friends! As you will know if you’ve read my blog before or know me personally I love TAN! Sooo I’ve been tanning since I was about 15 and am always willing to try the next best thing!  

 Some of you may have heard of the infamous Skinny Tan which has had a design make over recently, it’s the Tan which is claiming to be streak resistant and eases the appearance of cellulite! This brand has had a lot of press recently for their very successful appearance on the BBC TV show ‘Dragons’ Den’ the tan left all five dragons desperate to invest in the brand. After watching the dragons den episode I have wanted to try this tan for what feels like forever and then after recently being released in Superdrug stores I felt like now was the time to invest, unfortunately Superdrug do not currently stock the mousse which is what I wanted most of all so I purchased my Skinny Tan mousse from their website, which was on offer – 2 mousse bottles & a tanning mitt for £30 which I don’t think is too bad but still is at the higher end of the spectrum to what I would usually pay!

 So I’ve had my skinny tan for a week now and have used it twice! The first time was an absolute epic fail… I’ll get back to that later!! So the mousse is tinted so you can see where you’re applying it, tick in the helpful box!! Once applied you’re supposed to wait for it to touch dry before dressing and then let the tan develop for 8hours before washing the excess off! I had absolutely no transfer of tan to my clothes or bedding as I showered it off in the morning! The smell of this tan is the best I have ever come across in all my years of tanning, it has a sweet coconutty smell! And the shade of this tan is stunning, it’s a very deep brown and doesn’t have that fake orange tinge about it!  

 I just fake tanned one leg the first time around so I could get a good tan comparison! (You can see why I tan I am sooo White in the winter!!) the photo gives it a much more orange appearance to what it actually looked like in real life! (Probably my flash! Sorry) Anyway…

The mitt is a dream to use its so soft on your skin and helps to effortlessly apply the tan and also give a great streak free finish!  What would be super helpful though would be for the mitt to have a thumb hole to stop the mitt moving around so much! 

 Now my epic fail was pretty hilarious! I somehow in my crazed fake tanning frenzy over tanned my right hand! I’m not even kidding you it was literally bright ORANGE so bizarre, to get it off I had to do something I really do not recommend which was use my cleaning product (bleach with a sponge) to get it off! It did thankfully come off and my hand returned to a normal shade! It was pretty damn funny but my hand felt so dry for days afterwards! Uh oh! Silly Rhi!  So have a chuckle at my fake tan faux pais below!

 The not so good bit is that as the tan wears it does look a little patchy therefore I did re-tan only 4days later which I never normally have to do with St Tropez… I think because of this I would not repurchase this tan but generally I do still like it but then again for the price I was expecting it to A) last longer B) not be patchy after only a few days

Overall I do like this tan; the colour, smell & the fact that I had no transfer to bedding or clothes were all a massive bonus but if you’re looking for a tan to last a little longer I think this is not the tan for you, therefore I doubt I shall rebuy this! 

Have you tried any of the Skinny tan products? Have you noticed this starts to patch after a few days?

Love Rhi xoxo


11 thoughts on “I’m a Skinny Tan Fan! (kinda)

  1. Hi Rhi, I haven’t tried this one yet but being a total porcelain doll I always found it tough to get a good one. Then the line that I sell came out with a new bronzing line this month. I was excited but had anxieties about if it would be any good. Holy crap I love it!! Obviously, like with all tanners you are best to exfoliate and moisturize 24 hrs before application and then gradually re-apply every other day til you get to where you wanna be. But for me one application was enough and it lasted 4-6 days and I re-moisturized every couple of days. I honestly can say I love it! If you decide you want to try it, let me know! It’s 30 quid too but for one tube of Beachfront Self Tanning Body Bronzer Lotion but it is amazing and goes a long way. 🙂 I will post pics on my page today. Thanks for the review of Skinny Tan!! x

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