March Favourites!!

So I have added a few beauty staples this month to my ever growing collection! Hehe!  

 So firstly I picked up the most beautiful bronzer, it’s St Tropez and is the most gorgeously pigmented bronze shade! I think it will look better when I am slightly more tanned but it’s just gorgeous regardless!  

 Secondly I’ve been using the Macadamia curl cream which is the bomb!! I use this in my hair whilst it’s still wet and then procede to dry and curl my hair as usual, the cream helps my curls to last all day and sometimes even until the following day if I haven’t slept on it funny! Literally amazing stuff and great for ladies like me with naturally very straight hair!  

 Thirdly I’ve been loving this product for awhile is the Nicka K New York blush in Petal! It’s great for quick precise application I just dab it into each apple of my cheeks and voila instantly slightly rosy! It’s hard to over do this product so it makes my make up routine so much more efficient! I love it!! 

 Fourthly my favourite all time product is my BareMinerals prime time in Medium! I literally wear this everyday as a tinted moisturiser type primer because I don’t like wearing full on foundation all of the time, I find it clogs my pores & breaks my skin out! I generally only wear foundation for special occasions! This is my go to product and I literally have little bottles everywear I absolutely love it! With the Feel Unique website you can choose to get 10% off any brand of product for life and I obviously chose BareMinerals so I always get a good deal on this primer!  

 And now finally the NYX setting spray in Dewy finish! This stuff is great and keeps my make up on for so much longer! I literally spray this over my make up base which consists of BareMinerals primer, concealer, powder, bronzer & brow bar to set the base before applying my mascara & eyeliner! The spray really does give a Dewy look and kind of makes your make up look more natural! I’ve been loving this and will 100% repurchase when this bottle runs out! 

What are your make up staples? Have you picked up any new favourites this month?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


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