Gerard Cosmetics Haul!

Hellooo beautiful people! So I’m jumping straight in basically I follow Imogen the Foxylocks entrepreneur on Instagram and she always wears THE most stunning lip shades! So when she tagged Gerard cosmetics I was like ‘Oh my gosh! I have to buy some bits!!’

So I ordered it all from the U.S. Site, btw I don’t recommend this guys! I spent about £70 which was a bargain for the amount I had but I had to then pay £15 import duty! Silly me! I got so carried away ordering stuff I didn’t think about import duty! But anyway there stuff is insanely good quality so I’m still pretty pleased with my purchase!  So I’ve been loving the Gerard Cosmetics star powder in shade Marilyn! The first thing you notice with this is the packaging, it’s gorgeous! It’s so high end and it looks the bomb! The product well it’s a beautiful highlighter for your cheekbones it’s so pigmented you literally only have to dust it over your cheeks it’s stunning! It almost feels creamy in texture buts it’s a powder! It’s amazing I love it!!   So you will also notice the BROW BAR TO GO! I got this is shade medium/ebony! The last pot is a wax to tame your brows! I love this, I have very thin eyebrows from over plucking in my youth so I find the powder is great for filling them in! I think it possibly might be too heavy for people who already have full eyebrows but I’m not sure as I don’t have beautiful brows (sob) I have tried the ABH brow powder and I honestly think this version is a million times better & it’s only £14!!

 Now I’m going to talk a little about the lipstick! So the Gerard Cosmetics Lipstick I purchased is in the colour Nude which I couldn’t find on any English site! The Kimichi Doll shade I think is the closet to the Nude shade!

 I love this lipstick it’s so pigmented and smooth it stays on for hours although only if you don’t eat! I drank with this lipstick on and it stayed out but unfortunately it did come off like any lipstick when I chowed down on some grub!    Here is a photo with it on, it’s great for your every day-to-day look but I don’t feel glam enough for a night on the tiles!
What’s your favourite Gerard product?

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


16 thoughts on “Gerard Cosmetics Haul!

  1. I wish I had some of these, love beautiful cosmetics! Judging by theme of your blog you might like more my secondary blog
    Blame goes to WordPress because secondary blogs don’t get attention since I’m appearing everywhere as having only my primary blog.

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    1. I’ll check it out! I love Art too hence why I’m following your blog! Definitely going to check out your other blog too!! And yes how gorgeous is the Gerard cosmetics line! In love with this brand atm xx


  2. Beauty bay and cult beauty do Gerard Cosmetics and are UK sites so you can get them from here instead of paying annoying import fees (which could get you a whole other lipstick). Loved this post! xxx

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