Why the Red face?

So I have been loooooving NYX beauty products for well only a few months actually but honestly there products are insane! The quality is high end but the price is low low low!! Honestly love everything I’ve tried so far! 

Well if you’ve read my blog before you will know I suffer with breakouts on occasion and I find this leaves me with red patchy looking skin sometimes! I also get a red nose quite randomly which looks a bit weird,I have no idea why!! 

So like any beauty product lover I knew there must be something out there for me and guess what there is!! I ordered a heap of stuff from boots online, I did the whole click & collect thing so 1. I didn’t have have to pay postage & 2. I’m never home so it’s likely my package would end up at the post office for like ever! 

So one of the products I ordered and am completely in love with is the NYX photo loving Primer in anti-redness which is green in colouring! I’ve read about the green anti-redness primers before but I thought it was just a load of hype about nothing to be honest. I did think I’d end up looking like the hulk too… Is that silly? Ha!

So it’s really smooth like most primers (& very green!! Ha) and you barely need any to cover your face it’s so blendable & doesn’t make you green!! My make up goes on so smoothly when I use this which has been pretty much every day since I got it & I’ve found my make up is longer lasting! It looks better for longer! Score!

  I’ve found it really dulls down any redness I get and helps to disguise my red nose when it randomly decides to copy Rudolph! 
Overall it’s great, it’s cheap & it does the job! NYX I love you!! 

What are you using to prime? Do you have a favourite NYX product? 

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


19 thoughts on “Why the Red face?

  1. I love NYX don’t get me wrong, but some of their stuff is just a miss for me. I too am very red, for no reason, and pretty much if you asked me what the color of my skin is I would say it’s red with a hint of light beige. Maybe it’s just me but this didn’t seem to work for me. Also I would break out after using this. I really want to love it but it doesn’t love me back ha.

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  2. I have never tried NYX but this does seem like a good product I used to have the revolution by superdrug corrector kit that was amazing it had all 6 colours that worked to reduce or inhane certain areas off the face and was only 6 pound which was amazing! However I do need to buy some off this too try out once my makeup ban is out the way 💕🙈

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  3. So happy to see your review of this product! I’m in need of a new primer, and I was considering this one, as I too at times suffer from breakouts. You know, those once a month, it sucks to be a woman, breakouts. I’ll definitely be picking this up! I fell in love with NYX this past summer and I can’t get enough! Plus ULTA coupons, YES!

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