Big bouncy hair! 

Holaaaa beauties❤️ 

So on Saturday for the first time ever I used heated rollers! These are my sisters heated Enrapture rollers which are pretty damn awesome even if I do say so myself!  I thought I’d try hers before I invest in my own! Hehe!  

So I generally always have wavy/curly hair, my hair is naturally very straight and fine so I like to give it texture…and well I just find my straight hair boring! It’s that cosmic joke ‘people with curly hair wish for straight hair & people with straight hair wish for curly’ Yep that’s me! 

So getting the rollers in was pretty easy I just did it in sections working my way up to the top! This does look quite messy looking back on the picture but this was my first go ha I am far from a pro! The rollers are amazing and do not burn your hands, they are so easy to put in! Even for a newbie like me!  I only left them in for about 10minutes whilst I was applying make up so I was so shocked when I removed the rollers and my hair was SO bouncy and full of volume!!

 My hair was pretty hard to tame unlike when I curl my hair with a curling iron or my GHD straighteners using the ribbon technique! 

I loved the finished look all bouncy and curly the curls look quite natural but to be honest I prefer the curls my GHDs give me as this was a little harder to tame!

What do you use to curl your hair? Have you tried the Enrapture rollers?

Love Rhi xoxo 



30 thoughts on “Big bouncy hair! 

  1. Very pretty! I usually just use my straightener to curl my hair. I have super wavy hair as it is so I could just wake up and put some mousse in it to tame the frizz and have my natural wave, but I like an actual curl every once in a while.

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  2. I have thin dead straight hair and no matter what I do to it it will fall flat and straight again. I would love if my hot rollers would hold my curls. It looks great for about 3 minutes until it all falls flat again – I have tried everything from product to not washing my hair for 3 days before curling. I would love curls like yours.
    Have a super weekend.
    🙂 Mandy xo

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    1. Aw no way! I sometimes use the Macadamia curl cream in my wet hair before styling to help keep my curls! Maybe try that? My hair used to never hold curls it just changed randomly! Hope you find a product to help you keep curly hair! ❤️❤️

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