Mothers Day!Ā 

Hey guys! Did you all enjoy your weekend? I hope you had just as fun a Mother’s Day as me! So for our Momma myself & my younger brother & sister planned a zip wire surprise!! It was pretty funny, my mum was completely shocked but ended up absolutely loving it! (Thank god!)  Above is a picture of my brother, momma, sister & of course me! 

So we are lucky enough to live in beautiful Cornwall and not too far from the Eden project which now houses the adrenaline junkies dream land – Hangloose! 

The zip wire which is called SkyWire is the longest in England at 660m which is actually pretty damn long! You really get to enjoy the experience, you can even reach speeds of 60mph! I stupidly told my mum these facts just as we were getting kitted up in our zip wire gear and her face was a picture I thought she might back out, luckily she didn’t and she absolutely loved it!  

 If any of you take a trip to Cornwall I definitely recommend a trip to the Eden Project for a Hangloose adventure!! 

Have you ever tried zip wiring? Let me know your experiences!

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo


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