Pamper Party for One!

So a few months ago I attended a Temple Spa Party, if you haven’t been to one honestly find your local rep and either host one yourself or talk a friend into hosting one! You basically go through all of the skin conditions you have and then get to try the most luxurious products tailored to your specific needs… and obviously then if you like them buy them! 

So this is what Temple Spa have to say about themselves. Temple Spa is a brand based on botanical actives derived mostly from Southern Europe, many of which are utilised in nutrition and which have a sustainable history of healthy effects. It’s about well being, self-pampering, natural ingredients, essential oils and reduced chemicals. It’s completely cruelty free. 

So I invested in a gorgeous mask called ‘purification’ which is a deep cleansing mud mask! I believe in saving on products…I hate parting with my money but when you know you’ve found the one you gotta invest£££ This 85g tub costs £25 but a little goes a long way! I use probably about a thumb nails amount on my whole face and I use it probably once a month as it is quite drying! It’s very effective! 

I leave the mask on until it has dried and then wash off with slightly warm water, cold is best but I hate it! It’s too cold! Then I pat my face dry, my skin instantly looks smoother & I just can’t explain the clean feeling it leaves it’s so refreshing! 

This is what temple spa has to say: 

  • Effective spot and blackhead treatment
  • Deep cleansing properties
  • Flushes out grime from blocked pores
  • Sophisticated, high performance formula
  • Skin feels cool, refreshed, clean, oil free
  • Rich in minerals from land and sea
  • Anti-ageing benefits
  • Paraben free
  • Professional spa mask formula

I have just a thumb nails amount on pretty much my entire face in the above picture so you can see a tiny amount really does go far! Sometimes I use less than this by just skirting my T-Zone! (As you can see I’ve recently changed my hair colour, I’ve given my hair a break from the blonde & gone Ombre)

Also excuse the PJ attire and wet hair, I’m having a pamper evening! I have a coconut oil hair mask on to give my hair an extra dose of moisture, shine & a lovely scent! I rinse this out after at least 30mins with warm water (I left this one on for about 3hours)

If you would like to purchase the Temple Spa mud mask click here!

Lots of love,

Rhi xoxo

Do you love Temple Spa products? What is your favourite?


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