Trilogy Rosehip Oil

 Now here’s a little product I have been loving recently! I first heard about this online. I am obsessed with vlogs and watch them whenever I get any spare time! So I have a few scars on my ankle & arm from past surgeries and they are pretty horrendous! I have been using bio oil for about 3 years but to be honest I don’t think I have noticed any change in the scars at all. My scars are pretty deep therefore I was and am not expecting any real change in them but thought why not give this organic oil a go?

Now apparently the Duchess of Cambridge uses this on her face for fine lines and wrinkles and all I’ve heard is great reviews on how it has improved people’s complexions! So now I am totally sold! 

The packaging is nothing fancy really but the bottle is a nice heavy glass which is so much nicer than the plastic bio oil bottle. The oil is so easy to apply with the pippet applicator ensuring little wastage, the oil is non-greasy and soaks into the skin fast! It smells lovely and is completely organic with no added colours, fragrances or preservatives! I literally love it! Even though the Trilogy Rosehip oil is more expensive than Bio oil I will definitely continue to buy this product!  

I have yet to try the oil on my face as I am super nervous as my skin can break out fairly easily! But after reading so many great reviews I think I’ll try it next week! 

Bad bits, so Bio oil is just £8.05 for 60ml which is far cheaper than the Trilogy Rosehip oil coming in at £28.50 for 45ml but this is the only bad bit! If you are on a budget you can get a smaller bottle of the Trilogy Oil but to be honest it’s worth every penny so I suggest saving and going for the bigger bottle!! 


But to be honest I have already noticed after a weeks use on just my scars how much softer they have become, my skin feels much more supple and hydrated!

Lots of love, Rhi xoxo

I love this oil, so I doubt I could better it but what do you guys think? Have you tried it? 


16 thoughts on “Trilogy Rosehip Oil

      1. I used to use bio oil on my scars previously this is only the 2nd oil I’ve ever used on my scars and it’s definitely made a difference I love it, I think Rosehip is an essential oil xx


  1. This sounds really good. I have scars from surgery as well and I have an upcoming surgery so maybe I should try this after I heal up! I hate having visible scars! I wonder if it works for stretch marks as well? I’d be curious to know.

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  2. I love this oil. I use it on my face every night n it has helped with my pigmentation and my acne scars are a lot smoother. It’s also great on breakouts. I have super oily skin n find the oil just balances my skin so well.
    Definitely give it a go x

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