It’s raining.. Tan??

Now I love to tan, whether its outdoors with a book in the summer or applying a moisturiser with tanning agents in the winter! I hate being white, when I buy an outfit the first thing I always think is “this would look better with a tan”. I despise being pale, it really suits some people but me? No way José! The only downside is my partner constantly complains that I stink when I’m developing, seriously why do men hate the smell so much? It isn’t that bad really.. I use the Garnier moisturiser to keep up a slight glow during the winter months, it also stops me looking like Wednesday Adams, ha!

So I’ve been meaning to buy a new form of tan for ages, I was trawling the internet, god I love google! And I came across the new Rimmel In-shower Tan it was like all of my prayers had been answered hallelujah, I won’t have a developing wait and Rob won’t be saying I stink all the time!! Score! So I went to various drug stores and could I find the damned thing, NO! I was pretty heart broken so I returned again to my computer and did what I should have done in the beginning I ordered it online and guess what it has an introductory offer so it was only £6.49!!

I could not wait to try this tan it just seemed too good to be true, so I did my usual shower routine the tube explains you should use your regular shower gel first, kinda obvious.. so I got to work and began working it into my skin. It is a really nice consistency and feels sooo moisturising, it’s pretty tricky to work out where you are applying it because it isn’t like tan at all so I suggest applying this on a Saturday when you have a little more time. So when I was happy I hadn’t missed a bit, I got out of the shower and gently dabbed myself dry (that’s what the tube suggests) It feels like you have a weird moisturiser on so instead of getting dressed straight away I cleaned my bathroom and let myself air dry a little more, the tube also says some tan can transfer onto your clothes so definitely air dry as much as possible. I didn’t notice any change in my skin colouring until the following day which showed me that next time I need to be more careful around my neck, it was quite patchy! Other than that it seems just as good as my Garnier moisturiser tan for the winter months & Rob doesn’t have to deal with me smelling like a gone off vegetable. The more you apply the tan the deeper colouring you can achieve, I like just a subtle hint so I apply this once a week.

Now I am disappointed that I unfortunately will not be able to buy this again, my friend is thoroughly into buying products that are not tested on animals and this is also something I believe in as a massive animal lover, why should animals suffer for our vanity? I am slowly becoming more aware of how much animal testing goes on and because of this I am now cutting out products that do test on animals. Rimmel & Garnier both test on animals so if you know a good substitute for these light tans please let me know!

If you want to know which companies are still testing on animals Peta have a list here.

Lot’s of love Rhi xoxo

Do you love to tan? What is your favourite?


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