Queen of Clean..

Now I am obsessed with make up, accessories and clothes! I am on a quest to try and de-clutter well my life! I have stuff everywhere I think some people call it hoarding but those 20 odd nail varnishes have sentimental  value… I swear! ha! My partner thinks I’m mad owning in the region of 50 scarves but you need a different one to match your different outfits, right ladies? I know I am not alone with this one?

So make up, I decided I would invest in some bits to help keep my dressing table tidy. It would also be a time for me to bin any unnecessary items (but pleaaaase  we know there are NO unnecessary items when it comes to make up) So I went online and did a little bit of research by the way I live in a Cottage & my dressing table is in keeping with my Cottage look. It is just a bog standard pine dressing table, nothing modern or fancy. So anyway I was looking and the majority of the stuff I like is all super modern which is great but doesn’t necessarily match my house! Boo! In the end I just went for some clear acrylic bits and voila they arrived and do not look too hideous and kind of update my pine dressing table.

I also ordered some drawer dividers to help keep my make up and hair bits in the designated segments. These are amazing they come in quite long lengths so will fit anywhere really, you just have to bend them to the correct length, mine have been flexed quite badly due to over loading my segments with make up! Ooops!

Linked below are the items I purchased to help reign in my overflowing collection:

Acrylic vanity box I have two of these now, one was a present from my best friend! She obviously knows me too well!! I store make up & some jewellery in both of these! I love them! The design is so sleek & minimal!

Acrylic box Jewellery tidy This is brilliant for tidying away your favourite jewelley pieces also ensure you do not scratch your silver.

Acrylic Brush Holder, this is amazing for keeping all of my make up brushes tidy and out of the way.

Cotton bud organiser, I could not live without this, if I ever mess up my eye liner or sneeze after applying my mascara all I have to do is gently dab with the cotton bud and voila your make up is saved!

So if you are looking at organising your make definitely check out my little purchases they really work well for me!

Lots of love Rhi xoxo

Have you got an every growing make up collection? How do you keep yours reigned in?




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