The 3 Amigos!

So this blog is about three hair care products I could NOT live without…

My hair is naturally really straight some think I’m fortunate but other ladies like me know my pain! Curly it can be a nightmare and getting the curls to stay can be just hell but this blog in particular isn’t about curling it’s about caring for your hair!  

So I wash my Barnet every evening.. because I work in a dental practice you can sometimes get sprayed with..I don’t even want to divulge… Well you catch my drift it’s not glamourous! So I shower every evening to ensure I am 100% not contaminated haha! and of course wash my locks! 

I tend to use any type of shampoo & conditioner I’m fairly lucky in that respect my hair likes pretty much all brands! 

So once I’ve washed my hair I always apply my protector I literally love to curl my hair and I’m paranoid about split ends… So the protector I use is Schwarzkoph got2b guardian angel which protects your hair upto 220degrees! You can test out how good your protector is by spraying it on the back of your hand and then giving your hand a good blast with the hair dryer… if your hand can’t stand the heat, well I’m afraid it’s time to re-invest in a heat protector! (Sometimes in boots you can do the whole 3 for 2 offers!)

I then liberally spray Clynol Wonder 10 all over my hair too, this bad boy has 10 benefits (clues in the title) a few are detangling, repair nourishment, reduced split ends, UV colour protection..yada yada yada! It’s pretty awesome! Smells really nice too! It has two separate layers so you have to shake to it to mix the two together before spraying! It claims to be the answer to your hair care prayers… I wouldn’t go that far but it is pretty damn good! 

So once I’ve applied my heat protector and my detangler I use my wide detangling brush to tease out my tangles! My hair is generally quite tangling as it’s fairly long so without my 3 amigos I would probably lose half my hair quantify to the hairbrush! So if you struggle with a detangler or a heat protector try my three little beauties!  

I then leave my hair to dry naturally, I very rarely blow dry my hair as I have no need! Plus I try to avoid heat when I can, I’m addicted to curling my hair so I try to always let it dry by itself! 

Do you use a heat protector or detangler? Have you tried these? 

Lots of love Rhi xoxo

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