WANTED…luscious lashes!

So after a week of using the new Wake me up by Rimmel I’ve been pretty impressed, I actually really like this mascara! So here is my review of the lovely (budget) new addition to my make up collection…
Here goes, so WAKE ME UP is a new mascara that provides maximum volume to create a bold, winged-out look. The unique hourglass brush coats your lashes andcurves them up and out. This mascara has an added cucumber ingredient and actually smells like cucumber too! It really does help to wake your eyes up in the morning ahead of a long shift at work, so clues in the title with that one really!

The brush awkward. It’s very large and full, and has an hourglass shape. The middle of the wand hugs the lashes as you coat them, anddoes a pretty good job of coating the lashes evenly. But because the tip of the brush is large, you can’t really reach your corner lashes with it and application to your lower lashes can be messy business. Often times my fine corner lashes get missed with this mascara, otherwise I’ll end up with mascara on my lids trying so ensure you hav make up remover and a cotton ear bud at the ready for the clean up job afterwards… maybe I’m just not great at application but I’m totally going ahead and blaming the large brush!! The brush seems to deposit alot of mascara to your lashes so after you’ve layered up you get an almost fake eyelash dark look, I really like it but I do have to apply at least 3 coats of anymascara I use to reach my desired look, so this doesn’t bother me. It holds a curl well and doesn’t flake or smudge all day, I do not curl my lashes… I do not have the time and I cannot really be bothered so this mascara is great if you are a lazy bones like myself just gliding by make up wise doing as little as possible!
If you’re happy with the length of your lashes and just want volume, this mascara is excellent. But, if you’re looking for length and volume, I’d skip this mascara or use it in conjuction with a lengthening mascara or a good mascara base because it layers really well.
Would I repurchase?  I really like this mascara because of the volume it provides without looking spidery or clumpy. If I want some super intense lashes, So I most likely will repurchase this mascara in the future.

The Round-Up


  • Makes my lashes look dark and full
  • Holds a curl well, even if lashes aren’t pre-curled
  • Builds great volume with multiple coats
  • Doesn’t smudge or flake
  • Smells like cucumber, scent and effect work a treat!


  • Takes several coats to build very intense lashes
  • Doesn’t add length
  • I found it quite clumpy, I had to separate my eyelashes with the of my tweezers!
  • The wand is awkward, if you like your lower lashes to have a dash this is not the wand for you unless you have plenty of make up remover and a dab hand at getting in those corners


Price: £6-7 depending on where you decide to make your purchase!

Have you tried this mascara? let me know what you think!!
Lots of love Rhi xoxo

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4 thoughts on “WANTED…luscious lashes!

  1. I recently got this mascara without reading reviews as I had lost mine and was in need of one quickly , however I was so impressed with it I paid 4 pound something and it’s incredible it really does wake up your lashes and it smells so good too :)) xx

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