Home-made Silver Jewelry Cleaner…

Sooo I have recently moved house and just bought a lovely dressing table, so it was about time I tidied my make-up jewelry etc… On discovery of a few of my favorite silver pieces I was mortified, fair enough some of it I haven’t worn in a while but seriously it was quite disgusting… Sooo tarnished!



I scoured supermarkets and jewelry stores reading & checking out about all these products that I could invest in to help return my silver back to its former glory… none of them were particularly affordable & a few of my friends had told me not to bother with a couple of what seemed like trustworthy brands! *hmph*

So then I turned to this ‘the world wide web’ and read a ton of recipes/concoctions I could make within the comfort of my own home, some had pretty good reviews, the majority of the ones I read were american & their ingredients varied slightly from what I have in the cupboard, so I rounded up the incriminating jewelry and got to work… I have to say I am extremely impressed with my home-made recipe, my jewelry is looking sooo shiny and pretty again so this is what I did…



Line a bowl with tin foil (shiny side up)

Then place a table spoon of salt & a table spoon of bicarb of soda into said bowl

Add three splashes of malt vinegar (two teaspoons) this should fizz a little

Then added half a cup of boiling water straight from the kettle…



Place all your jewelry into the bowl and leave for 15mins or until the tarnished areas return to their former silver loveliness!

Remove all the jewelry and buff with a micro fibre cloth…



And TADAH! Just like that your jewelry will be beautiful once more, no un-necessary trips to the jewelers or splurges on rubbish products!

I used this concoction on a hot diamonds bangle, tiffany pendant, tiffany ring, silver ‘R’ necklace & a apple diamond necklace – they all look lovely again, so happy!

So what do you think? Have any premade products worked for you? Or do you have a great concoction of your own?

Lot’s of love,

Rhi xoxo

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