Nails nails nails…

I’ve decided to start my blog off with these little beauties I found in Boots at the weekend, literally a ton of people thought I had shellac on which is nice as usually my nails look a bit rubbish. (The practice I work in has a no fake nails/polish rule) It sucks but its a rule for a reason! It means you as a patient can tell our nails are nice and clean for all the mixing of the lovely filling materials we have to prepare but for us it means we have ugly naked short nails! *Sad face*

So anyway the polish, it’s beautiful… I’m very girly usually and generally go for pastels in blues, pinks, corals etc etc (very spring/summer) but I decided to mix it up a little for the weekend and purchased the Barry M Gelly in a grey shade which is called ‘chai’ & the Barry M glitter varnish called ‘Rose Quartz’ I only needed to apply one layer of the Chai shade to get great coverage and it meant my nails dried faster (I did do the whole dunking my hands in cold water for 3minutes trick too) then I applied the Rose Quartz to my thumb nails & ring finger nails for that just been to the salon and had a manicure look… *sneaky & cute*



Sooo many people complimented me on the look & colour of my nails and for me it lasted ages… I washed dishes, bathed the pup, made dinners and had NO chippage, so my nails looked great for 3 days which for me is a record! It may have lasted even longer but unfortunately I had to remove it for work.. BOOO! But I may wear it again this weekend as it suits this lovely Autumnal weather we are having haha where is our Summer already?!?…or I may save it for my birthday meal which is actually on a Saturday this year woo!!

Overall VERY impressed with this Gelly varnish from Barry M and definitely going to buy some more from this range, so if your like me and must have naked nails for work but want that ‘Shellac/Gel’ look for the weekend this is brilliant and a bargain at £3.99 in Boots!




lots of love,

Rhi xoxo

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