Foxy Locks Clip-in hair Extensions…

So if you’ve read my previous blog you will already know that I ‘invested’ in some foxylocks, I’ve wanted some forever and just came to the conclusion that I was wasting time just staring at them online so I went ahead and bought ‘em, anyway so you may have already heard about foxy locks hair extensions, there are good & bad reviews online but I figured we have our own mind for a reason so I shall make mine up for myself and take the plunge so here goes…

Soo I ordered the Foxylocks deluxe set in latte blonde Thursday evening around 8pm along with a storage case/hanger & finally some foxy locks ‘lovely lashes’… and the beauties all turned up today… Impressed already..

So here goes this is what I think of the latte extensions…



Colour: Now the colour when buying extensions for blondes or any shade really can be an utter nightmare especially when ordering online as natural shades and tones vary soooo much in real life, so I was extremely pleased to open my set and come across the tester piece! YAY! It matched perfectly to the shade of my colour so again pretty happy which meant I got to unwrap the main section of gorgeous extensions! If you are unsure what shade you are, you can email the site and they will colour match for you & if by any chance you order the wrong shade you can send them back as long as you don’t open the main section of extensions.




Quality of the hair: The quality of the hair is probably the second most important thing when shopping for extensions. I tried to do as much research as possible before ordering these I watched endless youtube reviews and a ton of blogs (for & against the beauts) which was interesting and I enjoyed doing it although I’m sure my partner Rob would disagree (haha) The extensions are Remy hair, they are silky soft and feel like my own natural hair so they blend seamlessly. If your unsure what I’m blabbering on about Remy just means that all the hair cuticles are laying in the same direction so they should remain tangle-free for a lot longer than cheaper kinds of hair extensions. On first impressions, I think the quality of the hair is amazing and I have now already clipped them in.. I’m like a kid at Christmas! Exciting…
Thickness: The main reason I opted for foxy locks was purely because of the thickness, my hair naturally is fairly thin, when in its natural state which is poker straight!! So unless I curl it every day it can look a little boring & lifeless… I have read review after review about how thick and stunning these extensions are. I ordered the Deluxe 165g extensions 20″ in latte blonde for £78, I’m finding them just right for my type of hair, it was tempting to go for the 230g Superior set, but for £130 I just couldn’t bring myself to do it so close to Christmas! But I am more than happy with this set and I haven’t even clipped the whole lot in!!

Length: The only bad thing about Foxy Locks is they don’t offer different lengths which I found pretty odd as when I have been on rival extension sites you can get a good variation on length. I was planning on trimming the extensions myself (as my hair is feathered into my face) I was going to feather the fronts of the extensions for a good blend, but once clipped in I’m so happy with the way they look, I honestly don’t think I’ll bother as they blend so well with my natural hair. If you have shorter hair than me you may find the length an issue but otherwise these are AMAZING!

Clips: These extensions just can’t get any better, the clips are already attached which means no sewing them on yourself and they come with two spare clips – just incase! Brilliant!! The clips are silicone lined which means they protect your natural hair and they hold in place very well. Once all the extensions are clipped in my head isn’t itchy or weighed down – lovely!



Overall I am so pleased with these hair extensions THEY ARE LUSH – and are nothing like any of the sets I have tried in the past. I also invested in the hair extension hanger and storage case which is so cute, because theres no point in buying beautiful extensions and chucking them in a drawer to get ruined! I hope this review has helped anyone who is looking at parting with their money on the quest for beautiful hair…



So what do you think? Has this helped you?
lot’s of love
Rhi xoxo
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