Dr Jarts Balancing Toner…



Now I am loving this product! I was lucky enough to receive this full size product in my Birch box & BOY am I loving it!

I have been using it for around a week as part of my nightly ritual and my skin is definitely looking better, it’s smoother, brighter and sooo much smoother! It helps prevent lines & wrinkles and even undo the self inflicted sun damage I put myself through every year…

This wonder formula comes in a glass bottle with a lovely pipet system so you can easily distribute the toner onto cotton wool pads ready for your routine! So I just had to share this little gem with you all! If you’d like to read the jargon below it explains more in depth why this is so great for your skin!

Dr Jart

Dr. Jart+ V7 Balancing Toner is a moisturising toner which helps to brighten and revitalise sensitive skin types.

Formulated with Dr. Jart+’s revolutionary 7 Vitamin Complex, V7 Balancing Toner helps to restore sensitive and damaged skin back to a healthy state of normality.

V7 Balancing Toner is also enriched with a regenerative blend of Vitamins B3 and B5 which improves the skins resilience and promotes cellular renewal whilst preventing the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Vitamin C helps to protect the skin from oxidative and environmental stresses and Vitamin E improves the elasticity of dry skin and prevents premature ageing whilst deeply nourishing the skin.

Witch Hazel and Nutgall Extract work harmoniously to reduce the appearance of enlarged pores and control sebum production. Providing high levels of moisturisation, V7 Balancing Toner leaves the skin looking bright, clear and healthy with a sense of revitalisation.

lot’s of love,

Rhi xoxo

Have you tried any of the Dr Jart products? What product are you loving right now?
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